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The Terms & Conditions enclose the set regulations that are meant to be put for this website ( so that its users can have proper guidance on its usage. If someone does not agree with the norms then they should stop using this website, and by the term “using”, it directly implies their activities like visiting, making account, buying, and subscribing. Please read the following paragraphs carefully to know more.

The Terms & Conditions may also be referred by us as “Terms of Use” or simply “The Terms”. These Terms of Use are subject to upgrade or change depending on the situation and will be implemented without notification. Therefore, all users are requested to read these Terms from time to time. This helps to stay updated, thereby preventing possible conflicts in the future.

We do not permit to use this website to those who fall under 18 years of age. However, whoever has  the age of 18 years or above this limit can make use of this site as much as they want lightheartedly. If you are not an adult then we can allow only if you are supervised by an adult caretaker. Troubles, if arise due to irresponsible attitude on your behalf, would be solely dealt by you, and not

We make great efforts to keep everything perfectly displayed, except for the occasional errors. Such blunders could be like wrong products’ display or their pricing, grammatical error in the description of a particular product, improper mentioning of a sentence in a paragraph, graphical color of a product, and so on. You accept that you will not be bothered unless those issues are significant and are causing you trouble in some way. In other words, you agree that bugs are natural and might happen at times, and we do NOT guarantee that this website will be permanently error-free.

It is our primary concern to keep our customers’ data safe and intact, whether explicitly shared by them via Contact Us form directly or while purchasing (includes Credit card details), OR taken (IP address) by us indirectly through cookies. Hence, we never share anyone’s details to external authorities. Moreover, we also encrypt the sensitive data by several Secure Socket Layers. This further ensures the encapsulation against cybercriminals. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

The shipping is done within seven days or so, regardless of the type of shipping selected by the buyer. The Express one is faster than its Regular counterpart and varies as per the cost as well. These charges are valid from our repository to your state or country. This also implies that further price is based on the local norms, and that may also be collected separately. Shipping, along with all other processes, is carried only on business days. Hence, whatever one has ordered during the weekends or any other public holiday would be processed the next working day. Please read more about this in our Shipping Policy.

We also have the provision for returns, cancellations, and refunds that are applicable as per a given situation. Whichever it may be, one is always recommended to contact us to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

The feedback, comments, and reviews can be found on our website and also on other external sites. This may affect your decision-making in some way. Although most testimonials received by us are positive and usually based on a client’s or a consumer’s real-time experience, it is still possible that a few aren’t meant to be in our favor; it can either be because one didn’t have a good experience or it was simply put anonymously to torment our earned image. It will be your responsibility to not bother by those and make an informed decision about such things.

The email is particularly used for the exchange of crucial information. This can be basic as well as others. The basics include acknowledgment of orders/payment made, orders that are being dispatched, tracking URL, delivery details, and so on. Further, the emails may also contain regular updates like newsletters, new products’ launching announcement, revised pricing, special discount offers, etc.

We have the authorization to terminate anyone’s account without notifying them in advance. This happens if we suspect somebody for involving in some kind of mischief that somehow affects our organization negatively, and that suspicion is proven. By doing this, it snatches the right of a user to ever visit our site or open their account.

If a dispute arises and doesn’t seem to subside, you have the right to claim at the court of Malaysia whose rules will be applicable throughout the procedure. The decision made based on what was presented (evidence, witness, proof) in front of the Law and Order will have to be accepted by everyone despite positively or negatively favored.

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