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Shipping Policy

This part of the policies covers the procedures we follow for the shipment process of Edailyware’ orders. We are committed to delivering products on-time promptly. Kindly read all these policies before you make an order from us. We want you to have an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Edailyware freight forwarding process takes place on all working days. The customers’ orders are arranged to begin within 24 hours of purchase confirmation. We do not operate on weekends and public leaves. Orders received on such non-working days will be shipped on the subsequent working day only.

We serve through two shipping methods. The Airmail shipping is the default method that takes about 4 to 5 days to finish the process. The EMS shipping is the other one which has to be chosen by customers explicitly if they wish to receive package early. It takes only 2 to 3 days for a delivery if this process is chosen.

Charges for the two different shipments vary. The EMS shipping will be more costly than its Airmail counterpart. The charges for each method will be presented on the checkout page. The price shown covers the shipping charges from our country/state to your country/state only. In case if there is an additional charge then the local officials in your country or state may charge from you. You will have to pay these additional charges to obtain the package. Edailyware will not be responsible if your box is held there due to your lack of responsiblity.

An exact address should be produced for the delivery of the package. Moreover, the customers should be available to receive the package; if that is not feasible, kindly arrange a trusted person as the recipient. Parcels returned because of the nonappearance of a recipient will be held at the postal/parcel office for the next few days. The customer has to get it as soon as possible.

In case, the customer has given a wrong address Edailyware cannot take care of your lost package. Regardless of the above-mentioned reasons, the customer has to notify us if they have not received their purchased goods. Our team examines about the missing package. To avoid such situations, please make sure to give the correct address and be present at the place and also remit the additional charges your government or courier/post office claim.

Edailyware suspends or ends the delivery services if any unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster, human interference, explosion, disturbances, limitation, etc. rise. In such cases, we stop order we will refund the whole payment back to the customer.

Still uncertain? Please ask us through the contact form.