Information Service

Return Policy

Edailyware guarantees good quality products and services. However, there might be situations that the product you received is not perfect, or got destroyed during the transportation. Though such situations are rare to happen, yet it is our duty to set some conditions to keep our consumers aware. We allow returns, cancellations and do the refund under specific situations. Please read the statements below before you start the procedure.

· We accept the returns if our buyers get wrong items with respect to size, quantity, quality, number, or the product itself.

· We allow returns of damaged products if it has happened from our end.

· We do not support returning if the goods were absolutely fine but got destroyed after delivery from the customer.

· Besides, we carry claims for the refund of money if you never got the ordered items even though you have given the exact shipping address and waited for more than the declared duration.

· Edailyware cannot take the blame of customer's errors like an unfinished or wrong address.

· And finally, late requests will not be fulfilled with a refund.

You are required to communicate to our customer care department regardless of all above-mentioned terms so that your issue could be settled as quickly as feasible (if it is authentic). Once your return procedure is concluded, the further step to refund money would be put in order without obstruction. Kindly note that the Credit card company requires a normal time of 10-15 days to reflect the refund amount. If you haven't got the amount even after that span, the corresponding authority would be bound and the matter would be subject to talk to them.

Please note that the cost you get back will not cover the shipping and handling charges but only the price of the product you did at the time of checkout.

We permit cancelling the current order only when it is not transmitted from our storehouse OR the first 24 hours of the order confirmation, whichever is appropriate. A product once cancelled cannot be prepared again. You will have to create a new order. Also keep in mind that we allow the cancellation once only. Once your request is accepted for cancellation there cannot be any further termination of any order.

Kindly contact us if you still have more questions or concerns.