Information Service


Q: Why is it necessary to create my account?

A: It is not at all mandatory to have your own account. Though we still recommend going for it. This is because it will save you time while you plan to purchase something. Moreover, it also helps us to keep proper track of our users’ activities.

Q: How safe is my information?

A: Your information becomes our responsibility once it reaches our database. So to ensure that everything is properly safeguarded, we pledge not to circulate anyone’s sensitive details to third parties. Moreover, we also follow the latest SSL technology that allows several layers of encryption which further helps to hide everything that might go vulnerable. We expect you to go through our Privacy Policy for further details.


Q: After how many days should I expect the delivery?

A: We ship the items through two different kinds of modes, i.e. Airmail (default) and EMS. Both take different days to deliver the goods. Specifically speaking the Airmail shipping takes 4-5 days whereas the EMS shipping requires just 2-3 days for the delivery. You can read about this in detail in our Shipping Policy,

Q: Can I track my order?

A: Yes, you can definitely track your order once it is dispatched. We always share the tracking URL to our buyers and provide them with relevant updates.


Q: What shall I do if my package does not reach me on pre-estimated time?

A: If you do not get the delivery even within a week you must contact us and get the matter resolved. Our staff will cross-check the address to ensure if it was correct and complete. If so, we will refund the money or retransmit the package without asking for the re-purchase. If not, we will request you to buy one more time with the right address along with the area (PIN) code.


Q: What if I receive broken or wrong products?

A: Although this condition is extremely rare and almost near to impossible, we still must tell you what to do about it, if it suddenly arrives. If this happens, we would suggest you to contact us immediately after you get the delivery and support us during the entire procedure of returns and refunds. More details are shared in our Return Policy. So, kindly go through it and decide by yourself what to do next.